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Hello, I’m Leda Sammarco, and I’m a writer’s coach.

Are you a first-time author wanting to write a non-fiction book in one of these genres?

conscious businesshealth & wellbeinginspirational memoirpersonal developmentpopular psychologyself-helpspirituality

And does this sound like you? 

You are on fire to write a book. Maybe you’ve been jotting down ideas in a notebook. Perhaps you’ve even collected anecdotes, case studies and quotes you want to include. 

You feel ready to start writing but you’ve realised you need someone to get you started. A writer’s coach who will give you clarity about your ideas, help you structure your book and have confidence in you as an author.  

You may be a coach, consultant, alternative therapist or inspired entrepreneur. You’re passionate about your subject and want to share your knowledge and enthusiasm by writing a book that fits with your business values.  You know too that a book will position you as an expert, raise your profile and help you reach more people.

So, does that sound like you? Great – because I can help you!

I specialise in helping first-time authors just like you to get started with their books in all the genres I’ve listed.

I know that books make a difference in the world, so let's take that first step to getting you started on your book.  

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