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'Tis the good reader that makes the good book.'

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Finding the Gold: One girl's search for her purpose in life

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Finding the Gold

Do you dream of finding your purpose in life; something you love to do that will make a difference in the world?

Everyone has a mission in life and you will find yours if you make the journey. Finding the Gold will encourage and inspire you to do just that.

An inspirational memoir with self-help elements, Finding the Gold is about two journeys.

On holiday in San Francisco, Leda Sammarco looks back at experiences that led to finding her purpose. She discovers there is a grand plan even if you can’t see it, that you need to make the most of your experiences along the way and to listen to your inner voice.

To inspire and support you on your way, there are ‘Little Nuggets’ – tips, questions, things to do – throughout the book. 

Life itself is the ultimate journey ... you need to walk your own path to find your purpose and passion.

Table of Contents:


1.  Across the Golden Gate: If you have a dream, hold on to it

2.  The Windows of Endeavour:  Make the most of your journey

3.  The Delights of Pacific Heights:  Or what happens when you don't follow the crowd

4.  I   the Indies:  Discover where you shine

5.  Tranquil Tiburon:  Sometimes you don't need to do anything; you just need to be

6.  In Search of the Parrots on Telegraph Hill:  It all depends on where you are standing

7.  A Campus Tour:  Do you want knowledge without or wisdom within?

8.  Breakfast at the Ferry Building:  If you wait a while, everything comes around

9.  Meeting the Giant Sequoias:  If you keep going onwards and upwards, you'll get there in the end

10.  Walking among the Redwoods:  If you want to see the light, you must also know the shadow

11.  Cloud-Spotting at Jack Early Park:  Do you think this could be a sign?

12.  Standing on Sentinel Dome:  When everything comes full circle, you'll see everything


If you are intrigued and would like to read it, then you can purchase it on Amazon  

"This book is like an oatmeal biscuit.  Full of delicious morsels and so good for you!" 
Sarah Wilson, freelance writer and film-maker


Happy Reading!