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'We make a living by what we get,
but we make a life by what we give.'

Winston Churchill

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"For any aspiring writer, Leda is a ‘must have’ team member, a first round pick. From her sympathetic guidance in the early days, through her subtle touches to keep me on course, right through to her light and insightful editing, she has been invaluable to the creation of ‘my book’.

Leda’s depth of knowledge of the publishing side helped me to come to all the right decisions for me, and demonstrated her strength in creating a totally bespoke support in an industry which is otherwise so formulaic.

It has been a joy and a pleasure to have Leda along on this incredible journey."

Mike Hare, author of From Sofa to Start Line


 "Leda's input into my writing project was invaluable as I was too close to it to see things clearly.  She offered gentle and powerful insights. Her brilliant suggestions for improving it were incisive and she helped me to see how my rough diamond could shine much more brighly.  Leda is such an encouragement and wonderful to have on your team, and so easy to work with."

Nick Williams author of The Work We Were Born To Do and co-founder of Inspired Entrepreneur

"Leda is a fantastic writer's coach and I highly recommend her! From the outset her feedback was honest and direct and she encouraged me to write an additional 23,000 words for my book which has given it the gravitas it needed.

Her tenacity was such that she did not let my book 'go' until she was satisfied that together we had explored it (and me) fully, inside and out. She has a knack for knowing if there is more of a story to tell and from start to finish, she gently but firmly enabled me to realise this. I now have a book that I am proud of, can't wait to see in print and sell. As a result of working with Leda, I believe that my book is a user friendly product, with a quality, richness and longevity that I hoped it would.

Her involvement and value didn't stop with the book content. Leda supported me with interior & exterior design, back copy and a synopsis (as a first time self-publisher, I was overwhelmed and daunted by these decisions). I am really looking forward to working with Leda again on future projects."

Grace Owen, author of The Career Itch

Someone recommended Leda to me and I have been working with her from the early stages of my book project. This is a lifelong ambition of mine to write a book that will inspire others and make a difference in their lives so I needed expert help and I got it with Leda!

Leda has been an inspiration as she sees things in such a different way.  I am too close and emotionally attached. Her knowledge, creativity, patience, calmness and objectivity along with her editing skills, have been greatly valued.

Also, her foresight to network me to other key people who have also had the belief in my book and me as a writer and her support with my publishing proposal, has made the difference between me self publishing and now securing a mainstream publishing deal.

Steve Preston, SMP Solutions (Career & People Development Ltd)

“Working with Leda is an affirming, revealing and delightful experience. To be truly listened to and heard and gently but powerfully coaxed into the appreciation of your true potential as a writer is an experience to treasure.

Leda is gentle and unassuming, but don’t let the mild exterior fool you, she has a profound and astute perception and understanding of her field and will challenge you on your limiters in a way that forces the writer within you to respond with great results.

Leda has a genuine passion for supporting people and I would not hesitate to recommend her to you. If there is a book inside you waiting to be written, Leda will support you to weave it into reality.”

Elizabeth Cairns, Amovita

“Leda has opened up a world of possibilities by helping me to believe in my book and find ways of getting it out into the world.  She is a mine of information.”

Cate Mackenzie, life coach, love coach and workshop leader

"For me, the benefits of working with Leda were that I focused more on my various writing ideas and projects and began to write more regularly. I found Leda to be a very authentic and committed writing coach who is able to listen attentively and supportively as well as being knowledgeable about interesting writing tools and techniques. She has also read a lot of books! And the ones she recommended to me were great for inspiration." 

Emily Hotchkiss, creativity coach

"In a matter of weeks Leda took my book proposal and sample chapters literally from 'Acorn to Oak'.  Ironically my book is about trees!  Working with Leda on editing the proposal and sample chapters helped me to improve my book and the quality of what I was saying.  Leda’s detailed, observant and well-thought through feedback challenged me to go deeper in the writing and the stories I wanted to tell. Leda was not prepared to leave a stone unturned. Good enough wasn’t great enough. It was both challenging and exciting to work in this way. By the time we had completed this first phase I felt I had grown as a writer despite my experience and being previously published. I am really looking forward to future work with Leda. Her services are beyond excellent. She’s a real find.   Thank you so much Leda.

Jackee Holder, Coach, Author, Management and Leadership Trainer